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6 Piece Pristine Synthetic Brush Set

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6 Piece Pristine Synthetic Brush Set
Pristine Synthetic Brush Set

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6 Piece Pristine Synthetic Brush Set

6 Piece Pristine Synthetic Brush Set

A 6 piece professional brush set consisting of 3 large foundation makeup brushes and 3 small concealer brushes.  The make up brush set is expertly crafted using our signature B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair.  The synthetic brushes are 100% vegan and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.  The densely packed, ultra soft, high-quality synthetic hairs are non-adsorptive of powders and liquids, thereby minimizing the amount of foundation or concealer required to complete the job.  These vegan brushes have ergonomically shaped and balanced handles, giving the user more control during makeup application.

These are the best foundation brushes and concealer brushes to use for obtaining a smooth, flawless makeup finish.  The synthetic brushes are designed for applying powder, cream and liquid formulations to the face.  This cosmetic brush kit has an assortment of brushes for foundation and concealer to obtain the perfect, pristine complexion.

This make up brush kit contains the 6 following kabuki brushes and refiner brushes:


A domed, long-handle, synthetic kabuki brush.  Applies liquid and cream foundations, as well as loose and pressed mineral powders onto the face.  The dome brush head features longer synthetic hairs to create a sheer, natural, airbrushed look.  If desired, increasingly build layers to obtain the required foundation coverage.  This vegan kabuki brush can also be used to apply blushes and bronzers.


An oval, long-handle, vegan kabuki brush.  The oval brush features a flat top and rounded edges.  It easily applies foundation to the areas around the eyes, nose, chin and hairline.  This synthetic kabuki brush effortlessly blends liquid, cream and mineral foundations into the skin.


A flat angled, long-handle, synthetic kabuki brush.  The flat angled brush applies powder, liquid or cream foundation products to all areas of the face.  This vegan kabuki brush is purposely designed to precisely apply foundation in the harder to reach areas of the face, such as around the nose and the flatter areas like the cheekbones and jaw line.


A small, dome, long-handle, synthetic brush.  The domed brush buffs and blends concealer into the skin to erase dark circles, blemishes, redness and other skin imperfections.  The vegan brush can also be used to precisely highlight and shade the nose, cheekbones and jaw line areas.


A small, oval, long-handle, vegan brush.  The oval-shaped brush has a flatter top and rounded edges.  Designed for applying concealer to the face's rounded areas, such as the areas around the eyes, the sides of the nose and chin.  This synthetic brush is also useful for blending out harsh lines left by other face brushes, highlighting the top of the nose, cheekbones and cupid's bow areas.


A small, flat angled, long-handle, synthetic brush.  The flat angled brush fits into all areas of the face.  Especially perfect when used for applying concealer to hide under eye circles and blemishes, redness and other skin imperfections on the nose.  This vegan brush can also be used to precisely define the nose and the cheekbones.


F108 • DOMED KABUKI BRUSH - 7 inches (L)
F110 • OVAL KABUKI BRUSH - 6.5 inches (L)
F112 • ELLIPSE KABUKI BRUSH - 6.5 inches (L)
F178 • DOMED REFINER BRUSH - 7 inches (L)
F180 • OVAL REFINER BRUSH - 6.75 inches (L)
F182 • ELLIPSE REFINER BRUSH - 6.75 inches (L)

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