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E120 • Tapered Blending Brush

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E120 • Tapered Blending Brush
Tapered Blending Brush

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E120 • Tapered Blending Brush

E120 • Tapered Blending Brush

Our tapered blending brush is the best eyeshadow blending brush out there. Like all our other synthetic brushes, the E120 eyeshadow brush is made with our signature B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair. The exclusive hair is vegan, hypoallergenic, has zero product absorption, and maximizes product application while decreasing waste.

The tapered blending brush features a rounded dome top, with long, densely packed yet yielding, fluffy hairs. The blending brush can be used with a wide range of eye shadow formulas: creams, pressed eye shadows and pigments. Its slightly tapered shape makes it a great contouring eye shadow brush. It fits nicely into the eye contours, allowing its users to easily sweep colors into the crease area.

The eye shadow brush is easy to use and is a basic must-have in your makeup brush collection. It is one of the best eyeshadow brushes for quickly adding color all over the eyelid, or for adding subtle highlights. This crease brush is versatile. It can also apply colors to give depth and definition to the eyes to make the eyes appear larger and more visually striking. Use it to feather out already applied dark eye shadows to obtain a natural gradient of color on the eyelid.

The tapered blending brush's hair length, density, and shape allows for large amounts of eye product to be held for rapid yet precise application. Its tapered shape gives users complete control over the eye shadow application for professional looking results.

Dimensions: 6.88 inches (L)

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