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E152 • Blending Brush

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E152 • Blending Brush
Blending Brush

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E152 • Blending Brush

F152 • Blending Brush

An essential, versatile eye shadow brush. This blending brush features soft, densely packed hairs, in a fluffy yet optimally firm cut. The eye blending brush has an oval shape and is slightly beveled. Its shape allows the eye brush to be adept at applying, shading and blending powder and cream eye products.

The makeup blending brush features our exclusive B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair. These are the most yielding, durable, and zero product absorption hairs on the market. The synthetic hair is completely vegan, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and non-wasteful. These hairs help make these brushes into the essential blending brushes on the market today.

The eye blender brush is used for depositing shadows and pigments, and packing color onto the eyelid. It combines colors easily and allows the user to effortlessly soften and blend out lines and edges in eye shadow application. This soft eye shadow brush does not leave harsh lines.

The eyeshadow blending brush easily places product on the outer corners of the eyes, flawlessly blends eye shadow colors into the crease area to define the crease and build dimension. The blender brush also quickly and effortlessly applies an all over eye shadow color.  Everything from a simple, neutral eye look to an elaborate, smoky eye look is possible and easy with this essential blending brush.

This eye brush's hairs, size and shape allows it to be stiff and firm enough to provide control while blending, and allows the user to quickly accomplish the desired results.  Use this eyeshadow brush to blend like a pro.

The E152 is the best blending brush for a diverse set of purposes. It is an essential blending brush for your beauty collection.

Dimensions: 6.88 inches (L)

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