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F164 • Concealer Brush

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F164 • Concealer Brush
Concealer Brush

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F164 • Concealer Brush

F164 • Concealer Brush

A small concealer brush with flat bristles that are immaculately sculpted to a pointed tip. Made from our exclusive B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair. The hair is completely vegan, hypoallergenic, and has zero product absorption. The combination of its small size, pointed shape, and its flexible yet firm hairs allow the face brush to precisely apply concealers to the areas where it is needed.

The face brush is adept at applying both cream and liquid concealers. It is able to reach and effectively and smoothly distribute product on hard to reach areas like the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lash line. This precision also prevents messy and wasteful application of concealer to where it's not wanted. Use it once and you will be convinced it is the best concealer brush for under the eyes.

This precision concealer brush's wide base allows for effortless blending. Use light pressure for liquid concealers. Use slightly heavier pressure to move cream-based concealers. The pointed shape and the fibers' inherent resilience allows easy control and pinpoint accuracy, resulting in flawless, natural, airbrushed-looking coverage.

Use the tip of the pointed concealer brush to directly apply product to skin imperfections or blemishes. For maximum coverage, use the concealer brush in a patting motion. The precision tip allows the concealing of dark eye circles without pulling on the delicate skin under the eyes. The precision tip is also handy to camouflage skin darkness in the corners of the eyes, tiny scars and blemishes, sun spots, and other areas of discoloration.

Dimensions: 6.88 inches (L)

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