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F178 • Domed Refiner Brush

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F178 • Domed Refiner Brush
Domed Refiner

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F178 • Domed Refiner Brush

F178 • Domed Refiner Brush

A small, domed brush and a smaller version of our F108 · Domed Kabuki Brush.  This is a unique, round face brush.  The face brush is densely packed with high-quality, durable, synthetic bristles, the B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair.  This vegan brush's synthetic hair is pliant, hypoallergenic, and gentle on sensitive skin.  The ultra smooth fibres do not soak up wet or dry cosmetic formulas, allowing less product to be used.  The dome brush's synthetic bristles are very soft but just firm enough to buff and blend correcting formulas into the skin.

This synthetic brush works wonders when used to conceal dark eye circles, blemishes, redness and other skin imperfections.  Use it like a small buffing brush to apply and blend concealer.  Build the desired level of coverage, from light to heavy in just a few strokes and light circular movements.  The domed brush is the perfect size and shape for concealing dark under the eye circles.  The soft fibres are extra delicate for use in the eye area.  Finish the concealer application by setting translucent powder in the area.

The synthetic make up brush can also be used to thoroughly blend out any streaks left from foundation application.  It is equally suited for use as a precise highlight brush or contour brush.

This is the best concealer brush to obtain an airbrushed, streak and crease-free, natural application.

Dimensions: 7 inches (L)

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