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F180 • Oval Refiner Brush

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F180 • Oval Refiner Brush
Oval Refiner

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F180 • Oval Refiner Brush

F180 • Oval Refiner Brush

A small, oval brush and a smaller version of our F110 · Oval Kabuki Brush.  The face brush has a flatter brush head with rounded edges.  Made with our soft, 100% vegan, exclusive B. Luxe Airbrush Synthetic Hair.  The synthetic hair is hypoallergenic, and does not cause skin irritation.  The vegan brush does not absorb cosmetic products.  It allows you to use less product, making a little bit of product go a long way.

This synthetic makeup brush is best suited for the face's rounded areas.  As a concealer brush, it applies correcting formulas to the areas around the eyes, the sides of the nose and on the chin.  The synthetic brush helps the concealer glide on smoothly and evenly to cover dark eye circles, blemishes, red spots, and other skin imperfections.  It allows for a seamless concealer application without lines or creases.  The density and tautness of the synthetic bristles makes this the perfect buffing brush.

The slightly rounded brush head makes this face brush work well as a smudging brush.  The shorter synthetic bristles offer control and precision.  As a smudging brush, it precisely erases streaks and harsh lines left by other face brushes.  The synthetic brush can also be used as a detailed highlighting brush.  Precisely highlights small areas such as the nose, cheekbones and cupid's bow.

Dimensions: 6.75 inches (L)

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