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Paper Eyelashes • Bella

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Paper Eyelashes • Bella
Paper Eyelashes - Bella

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Paper Eyelashes • Bella

Paper Eyelashes • Bella

A fun and flirty set of faux eyelashes.  The beautiful design is inspired by the leaves, flowers, small critters and butterflies of a secret garden.  This decorative design is aptly named Bella.

The eyelash styles in this Collection draw inspiration from Chinese paper-cutting techniques.  The faux eyelashes are made from 100% black coated paper.  The coating gently protects the paper eyelashes from light rain or from tears.  The coated paper is extremely delicate, but strong.  It can stand up to light moisture.

The paper false lashes are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre to fit the size and shape of your eyes.  These fake eyelashes are also easy to apply.  They can be reused for 3 - 5 times before being discarded.

These longer eyelashes can be cut and combined in various ways for different looks.  For the maximum fun and flirty effect, wear the full band of paper eyelashes on your eyes.  The bands of the paper lashes can also be cut in half to create two smaller eyelash designs.  The smaller segments of the paper lashes can be glued to the outer corners of the eyes, adding an eye-catching element to your makeup application.  To create false bottom eyelashes, cut the top or bottom quarter of the paper eyelashes to glue onto your lower lash line.

These are the best fake lashes to create a whimsical look.  The perfect jewelry to accessorize your eyes.

Please note: Glue for the false eyelashes is not included.

How to apply fake eyelashes:

1. Cautiously pull the paper eyelashes from the paper card in the plastic tray.

2. Trim the paper eyelashes to the desired length.  If you are applying the full band of paper lashes to your eyes, ensure the paper lashes are not too close to the inner corners of your eyes.  If they are too close to the inner corners of your eyes, trim the paper eyelashes on either or both sides.  Curve the bands of the paper eyelashes to fit the shape of your eyes.

3. Add a small amount of eyelash glue to the bands of the paper false eyelashes.  Wait for the eyelash glue to become clear and gummy.  It should take approximately 20 - 30 seconds.

4. Adhere the faux eyelashes onto the skin above your natural lash line.  Lightly press down on the band of the paper eyelashes across the entire lash line.  Wait for the eyelash glue to dry.

Caution: Avoid touching your eyes with the paper eyelashes.

How to remove fake eyelashes:

1. Gently peel off the reusable fake eyelashes, starting at the outer corners of your eyes.

2. Cautiously remove the remaining glue on the reusable fake eyelashes.  Store the paper eyelashes in the original packaging tray or in another safe place to avoid damage to the paper lashes.

Dimensions: 1.75 inches (L)

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