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Paper Eyelashes • Brianna

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Paper Eyelashes • Brianna
Paper Eyelashes - Brianna

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Paper Eyelashes • Brianna

Paper Eyelashes • Brianna

A pretty and dramatic set of fake eyelashes.  This interesting design is inspired by the swirls of expensive, vintage jewelry and elements from the classic and noble fleur-de-lis symbol.  Brianna, means strong and noble.  This intricate yet bold design perfectly suits the pretty name.

The paper cut eyelashes in this Collection are inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting.  The paper fake eyelashes are intricately cut from coated black paper.  The coating makes the paper stronger and more resistant to tearing and moisture.

This set of paper fake eyelashes is extremely lightweight.  The coated paper is also soft and non-prickly, insuring the utmost in comfort.  The fake long lashes are easy to apply and are reusable.  With careful use, these fake eyelashes can be worn from 3 - 5 times.

Be creative with these paper fake eyelashes.  Make a statement by wearing the full set of fake eyelashes on special occasions.  Cut each paper eyelash into smaller segments to highlight the outer corners of your eyes.  This creates a more subtle, daytime look.  The paper cut lashes are the perfect eye accessory.  Both subtle and dramatic effects are possible.  These are the best false lashes to wear to B. Noticed!

Please note: Glue for eyelashes is not included.

Applying fake eyelashes:

1. Using either your fingers or tweezers, carefully remove each paper eyelash from the packaging.

2. If needed, trim each paper eyelash to fit your eye size.  Ensure the fake eyelashes do not touch the inner corners of your eyes.  Gently bend each paper eyelash band to fit your eye shape.

3. Using a special glue for eyelashes, add a small amount to the bands of each paper eyelash.  Wait for the eyelash adhesive to become gluey and sticky. It should take about half a minute.

4. Position the paper cut eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.  Lightly press down on each paper eyelash until the glue for eyelashes dries.

Caution: Be careful to not touch your eyes with the fake eyelashes.

Removing fake eyelashes:

1. Starting at the outer corners of your eyes, gently remove each paper eyelash.

2. Use your fingers or tweezers to remove any remaining adhesive stuck on the fake eyelashes.

Dimensions: 1.75 inches (L)

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