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Paper Eyelashes • Jasmine

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Paper Eyelashes • Jasmine
Paper Eyelashes - Jasmine

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Paper Eyelashes • Jasmine

Paper Eyelashes • Jasmine

A beautiful and delicate floral design set of fake lashes; reminiscent of the Jasmine flower.

The decorative designs in this Collection are inspired by Chinese paper cutting techniques.  The pair of fake eyelashes is intricately cut from coated black paper.

The false lashes are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The paper eyelashes are easily applied with fingers or tweezers.  These paper lashes can be reused.  Careful use and storage of the paper eyelashes will allow them to be reused 3 - 5 times.

This delicate set of faux lashes can be worn during the day.  Its subtle floral design adds just a touch of glamour to your daytime eye look.  The design of this paper eyelash is simple yet enticing.  Get creative and incorporate this work of art into a new makeup look.

Please note: Eyelash glue is not included.

How to apply the false eyelashes:

1. Using your fingers or tweezers, carefully remove the paper eyelashes from the plastic tray.

2. Check the length of the paper eyelashes against your eyes.   If needed, trim the paper lashes to fit the size of your eyes or to suit your personal style.  Curve the bands of the paper eyelashes to fit your eye contours.

3. Apply a thin line of eyelash glue along the bands of the false lashes.  Wait 20 - 30 seconds for the eyelash glue to become a bit clear and sticky.

4. Affix the paper eyelashes to the skin directly above your natural lash line.  Do NOT place the paper eyelashes too closely to the inner corners of your eyes.  Gently press across the entire lash line until the eyelash glue completely dries.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes.

How to remove the false lashes:

1. Hold the band of the paper eyelashes at the outer edge.  Gently peel off the paper lashes.

2. Using your fingers or tweezers, remove any remaining eyelash glue on the paper lashes.

Dimensions:1.75 inches (L)

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