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Paper Eyelashes • Scarlett

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Paper Eyelashes • Scarlett
Paper Eyelashes - Scarlett

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Paper Eyelashes • Scarlett

Paper Eyelashes • Scarlett

A glamorous and alluring set of faux lashes.  These faux lashes are reminiscent of the vintage lace patterns worn by Southern belles.  The beautiful design of these big false eyelashes outline the splendor, magnificence and charm of the nineteenth century.  The name, Scarlett, perfectly suits this intricate design.

The elaborate patterns and designs in this Collection are inspired by Chinese paper cutting.  The design of the faux lashes is laser cut into black coated paper.  The extra coating makes the paper lashes more resistant to tearing, to moisture in the air and from tears.

The paper lashes are easier to apply than regular faux lashes.  The delicate, lightweight paper makes the faux lashes easy to maneuver and fit onto the eyelid.  The paper lashes are also surprisingly comfortable and reusable.  With proper care, these faux lashes can be worn between 3 - 5 times.

Be a lash-diva and make a bold beauty statement!  The big false eyelashes instantly give your eyes a striking look.  Wear the full set of paper lashes for a fun night out.  Your eyes will grab everyone's attention.

The paper lashes can be cut into smaller pieces for a subtle, daytime look.  Wear them on the outer corners of your eyes for a fun, innovative and expressive look.

The smaller cut segments of the paper lashes can also be worn as lower false eyelashes.  Embrace your individuality by being creative with the arrangement and placement of these paper lashes.  These are the best fake eyelashes to instantly add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any makeup look.

Please note: False eyelashes adhesive is not included.

How to put on fake eyelashes:

1. Carefully remove the paper lashes from the plastic packaging tray.  If needed, use a pair of tweezers to help.

2. Check to ensure the paper eyelashes fit your eye size or suit your personal style.  If needed, trim the paper lashes to the desired length.  Curve the band of the paper lashes to fit your eye shape.

3. Add a line of false eyelashes adhesive to the band of the paper lashes.  Wait about half a minute for the adhesive to become gummy and sticky.

4. Position the paper lashes directly above your natural lash line.  Lock the faux lashes in place by gently pressing down onto the entire lash band until the adhesive completely dries.  Ensure that you don't place the paper lashes too close to the inner corners of your eyes.

Caution: Do not touch your eyes with the faux lashes.

How to take off fake eyelashes:

1. Grasp the paper eyelashes band at the outer edge between your thumb and your index finger.  Use a pair of tweezers if you are having difficulty holding onto the band.  Slowly peel off the paper lashes.

2. Gently remove any false eyelashes adhesive remaining on the paper eyelashes.  Use a pair of tweezers if necessary.

Dimensions:1.75 inches (L)

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