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Premium Sponge

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Premium Sponge
Cosmetic Sponge (Side View)

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Premium Sponge

Premium Sponge

The Premium Sponge is the next big thing in beauty blender sponges.  This cosmetic sponge seamlessly and effortlessly applies liquid, cream, and various powdered foundations.  The foundation sponge contains no latex, has antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic.

The makeup blender sponge features a precisely engineered, ergonomic shape and size, allowing it to be easily held, and allowing an easy, effective application of makeup.  The beauty blending sponge effortlessly creates a flawless, airbrushed complexion.

Usage: Soak the cosmetic sponge until the saturation point.  Press out the excess water.  If necessary, place the cosmetic sponge between a clean towel, and then press down gently.  The towel will help to soak up excess water in the beauty blending sponge.

Dab the makeup blender sponge into the desired form of makeup, such as concealer, powder, foundation and/or blush.  Stipple or bounce the beauty blender makeup sponge on the desired area of the face.  Do not drag or rub the foundation sponge on your face.

The moisture inside the blender sponge will help keep your makeup looking flawless and airbrushed.  It delivers a smooth, even application while using less makeup.

Use the smaller, pointed side to apply makeup to the narrower, more delicate areas of the face, such as around the eyes and the nose.  Use the larger, flatter bottom to apply makeup evenly and quickly in the broader areas of the face, such as the forehead and the cheeks.  Your pores will disappear and your complexion will improve dramatically.

Tip: Liquid foundation users should place the desired amount of foundation on the back of their hand.  The beauty blending sponge should be dabbed into the foundation and then stippled across the face.

Cleaning: Submerge the beauty blender makeup sponge in lukewarm water.  Apply a dime-sized amount of baby shampoo or facial cleanser to the foundation sponge.  Gently work the cleaning agent into the cosmetic sponge, and then thoroughly rinse out the sponge.  Repeat until the makeup blender sponge is clean.  Place the cosmetic sponge in a clean place to air dry.

The foundation sponge can be reused.  Replace the cosmetic sponge every 3 months or whenever it becomes worn out.

The Premium Sponge is used to obtain a natural looking complexion.  If desired, increasingly build the foundation coverage into a more polished appearance.  Say good-bye to cakey foundation forever!

Dimensions: 1.5 inches (W) * 2.25 inches (H)

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